I like building web apps that make life easier for my customers, and providing services that grow their business. This site chronicles the geekdom that is my life – from writing code, to getting more customers & keeping them.

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Annual Review: 2014 (One Year After Quitting My Job)

I was at the highest point of my IT career in 15 years. I could have gone even higher, but after almost 5 years with a leading software company, I quit my job in January to go off on my own. What was I thinking?! I felt as if I had outgrown my position (I was getting... read more

Raspberry Pi NAS for Travelers

Say you have some type of home NAS or drive array which houses valuable information. And let’s say you want to go traveling for a while (as I plan to do), but leave the box in storage. What’s the best way to bring your data with you, or just a bunch of... read more

A Review of Seven Shortcuts to Taking Amazing Photos

My apologies to Tommy – this post was somehow lost. Please be patient as I go through the backups… Found the backup. Need to restore it better. ‘\r\n\r\nHaving spent less than $500 on lenses for my Nikon D3100 with no prior experience, I\’ll... read more

Installing a WLAN @ Ameristar Casino, Black Hawk, Colorado

What’s it like to install a wireless network in a casino?  With the help of two others, we lit up ~200 APs at the Ameristar in Black Hawk just a few weeks before the grand opening on 9/29.  This was a ton of work, but it was worth it.  Here are some photos that... read more


Has it been 8  months since my last post?  Yeesh.  I need to get more simplistic when it comes to this whole blogging thing. When I’m not working, reading, studying for exams, training for races, or plotting to save the world, apparently I’m writing PHP? ... read more