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I like building web apps that make life easier for my customers, and providing services that grow their business. This site chronicles the geekdom that is my life – from writing code, to getting more customers & keeping them.

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Raspberry Pi NAS for Travelers

You might be wondering – how has the RPi NAS held up after 1 year, 9 months, and 29 days of traveling & heavy usage daily? Surprisingly well actually. Roll up the sleeves and read on. *** UPDATED 4/9/2016 *** rewrote lsyncd config for version 2.1.6, added...

Setup Openfire Chat Server and Configure Asterisk-IM Plugin

*** POST UPDATED 3/16/2016 In this screencast, I will take you through how to setup the Openfire real-time collaboration server from Ignite Realtime. This free, open source application is a great way to leverage Jabber & XMPP chat capabilities within your...

Fix “Initializing the root folders to display” Message

When opening files from Word, Excel, etc. you are presented with and have to wait for a dialog that says “Initializing the Root Folders to Display.” After it finishes, browsing through items becomes painfully slow. There is a problem with one of your...