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My background is primarily one of servers & networks, though I thrive within the AWS cloud, automating the way backend systems interact, and building remarkable apps. This site breathes life into my projects, with some occasional articles about living abroad.

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Ego is the Enemy: Impressions & Takeaways

Recently, I read Ryan Holiday’s new book Ego is the Enemy. As I went through each section, it had a lasting impact and I felt compelled to write down some of my thoughts. The book contains three sections: Aspire, Success, and Failure. Even before starting into...

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How well does Google Project Fi work outside of the USA?

My experience with Project Fi Data performance outside of the United States Updated 06.20.2016 *** My Samsung Galaxy S4 has been a great phone. The occasional drop (OK – frequent drops), or subjecting it to extreme travel conditions throughout multiple...

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Raspberry Pi NAS for Travelers

You might be wondering – how has the Raspberry Pi NAS held up after 1 year, 9 months, and 29 days of traveling & heavy usage daily? Surprisingly well actually. Roll up the sleeves and read on. *** UPDATED 4/9/2016 *** rewrote lsyncd config for version 2.1.6,...

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