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Medellin, Colombia

ben_perove_headshotAbout Ben Perove

Ben Perove is a developer and entrepreneur currently based in Medellin, Colombia. He’s the founder of Perove Industries, the business entity behind a number of his solo-software startups, including Amzbot (a slack bot that brings business insights & actionable metrics from Amazon FBA seller data, in slack), another app called ReplyBoss for sending mass personalized outbound email campaigns through Gmail, and the now defunct WordPress plugin called WP Motion, which automated 100% of WordPress migrations between hosting providers.

Ben started out professionally in IT back in 2001. After a successful career implementing, managing, and supporting data center infrastructures for the Fortune 500, government, and academia at VMware, he decided to make the leap and work full-time on his solo-preneur endeavors.

After living in Boulder for 11 years, he bought a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he would spend the next 8 months in full-on dev mode. Eight months later when his Thai visa expired, he decided that MedellĂ­n, Colombia was going to be the next destination.

In between personal projects, he’s consulted for companies both small & large. Whether restoring mission critical server-down issues for high traffic sites, or automating complex provisioning processes for rapidly growing hosting companies, Ben has a track record for consistently delivering 5-star A+ solutions.

The result of his work has allowed him to acquire a unique & rare skillet: 1) cloud computing infrastructure + enterprise datacenter networking, 2) server-side software & application development, and 3) sales & marketing. How many sales people and/or experienced marketers do you know that can also write code?

Now you can say that you know at least one.

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