In the past year, I quit my job as a IT guy in order to focus on building software products. This site chronicles the geekdom that is my life.

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uTrack Mobile Application

Trendy name aside, the uTrack mobile application is entirely responsible for my recent disappearance. Find out more about uTrack. About Benjamin PeroveBen has been associated with a broad spectrum of technologies starting from an early age, and he's contributed to the... read more

Dual-Boot a Sansa e260 with Sandisk OG and Rockbox

Hi, thanks for reading. I’m a friend of Ben’s and he’s letting me put down this post. I run a small electronic music blog at astropope.com. If you have seen the post about how to boost wordpress audio with Amazon S3, then you know we are the guinea... read more

Boost WordPress Audio w/ Amazon S3

The Simple Storage Service (S3) from Amazon is an easy way to serve information. Its high availability and low cost make it a no-brainer when it comes to hosting. Recently, a friend moved his website (the Astropope) from my server to that of a hosting company (for... read more

Setup Openfire Chat Server and Configure Asterisk-IM Plugin

In this session, I will show you how to setup the Openfire real-time collaboration server from Ignite Realtime. This free, open source application is a great way for organizations to leverage chat capabilities. Also, we’re going to configure the Asterisk-IM... read more

Make Firefox 3 Swap Memory When Minimized

Ever have nine Firefox windows open, with 5+ tabs in each?  This could easily chew up 250 megs of memory or more, even if you suddenly reduce to one window with no tabs. On a system with less than 1 gig of memory, these are valuable system resources we’re... read more