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I’m on the go. As a consultant, I need to record bits of information now & then. Mainly things like time, mileage, and fuel expense, because the fact of the matter is, I get lazy when it comes to writing it all down. And sometimes, guestimates don’t cut it.

I wasn’t privy to the idea of paying for an application, so I’ve created my own. This is an app (in the style of craigslist) which any phone with a data plan can use.

It’s totally simple, straight-forward, and useful. Best part–there’s no cost to register in beta stages!

I’ve relied on it for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve known the LAMP stack long enough to take on this project. Fortunately for you, as chief bug engineer, I was able to conjure up only minor swarms.

uTrack will:

  • Track billable time, to the second
  • Track mileage, to the last stop
  • Track fuel economy, just so you know
  • Track hotel & dining expenses
  • Track transportation fares, parking and tolls
  • Track auto maintenance
  • Show useful reports for everything

Future versions will probably:

  • Integrate with FreshBooks
  • Offer an administration panel
  • Always consider your thoughts & ideas

Try it out and post your thoughts! v1.0