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Has it been 8  months since my last post?  Yeesh.  I need to get more simplistic when it comes to this whole blogging thing.

When I’m not working, reading, studying for exams, training for races, or plotting to save the world, apparently I’m writing PHP?  I know–scary thought for a server/network guy.  Just the same… Happy Gilmore was a hockey player, not a golfer.

I’ve updated the site to include a projects page, where my latest & greatest will be available for anyone who wants to check it out.

Speaking of which, I’ve recently built a mobile application called Cybertool.  It’s a collection of utilities that might help to diagnose and resolve network issues.  For a while, I’ve used a handful of different sites to fix DNS, mail, or firewall stuff.  Cybertool is an aggregate of those sites for your mobile device.  As an added bonus, there are tools like Cisco password decryption, a default passwords list, and a subnet calculator.  It’s still a work in progress, so there’s a small list of bugs to iron out yet, but I’ve worked really hard to make sure it’s invulnerable to XSS/SQL injection, and have hardened Apache (obviously from my previous post, as well as part II about mod_security which is coming soon).  All activity is logged and monitored, so don’t try anything funny!  It will get you banned faster than Paris Hilton at a spelling bee… faster than Kanye West at a charity event… you get the point.

Be sure to leave comments over at the Cybertool projects page.

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Ben has been associated with a broad spectrum of technologies starting from an early age, and he's contributed to the success of many businesses and enterprises professionally since 2001. Most of his time is spent building cool stuff. When he's not working, he enjoys reading, playing acoustic guitar, and being with friends. He currently resides in Medellin, Colombia.