Reset the TCP/IP Stack

It’s impossible to uninstall TCP/IP from a Windows operating system. When troubleshooting network issues, sometimes it is best to restore the TCP/IP stack to its original state that existed when the operating system was first installed.

From a command prompt, execute:

[code]netsh int ip reset logfilename.txt[/code]

…where logfilename is specified for obvious reasons.

Severe flakiness has led me to eventually reset the stack. For instance, one second you can ping Google, the next second you time out. Only small parts of web pages load. DNS has a fit.

The TCP/IP stack is equivalent to Winsock from back in the day. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but most commonly, data that resides on your hard disk is subject to corruption as a result of bad sectors/data loss and deteriorating drive health. Sometimes your registry and networking files reside on bad spots of the disk, thus Windows becomes sluggish, unresponsive, and things eventually stop working.

Additional resources and information are available at Microsoft.


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