Fix Activesync Error 0x85010014 on Motorola Q

Okay, so you’ve applied a new GoDaddy SSL certificate to your Exchange webmail site in IIS. Everything looks great and you’re ready to rock. You enter server information and credentials in the Q and hit sync, but instead of seeing your inbox, you’re presented with error code 0x85010014 and something about an invalid server certificate. Wonderful.

If you’re worried that your certificate is broken, relax. It’s probably fine if you’ve followed the installation instructions accurately. The problem as it turns out is with IIS.

Unlike the Samsung Blackjack which uses a form of OWA (or OMA), the Q uses Activesync and negotiates security a little bit differently. I’ll refrain from getting into details, but save yourself a lot of time and read KB817379 over at Microsoft.


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