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Private VLANs w/ VMware vDS and Cisco Nexus 5000: A Configuration Reference

When configuring the networks of a virtualized environment, private VLANs expand the functionality of a standard VLAN.  This article describes the configuration of PVLANs from both the VMware and Cisco perspectives.  The purpose of this article is to provide a brief configuration overview.  It’s likely you already know what PVLANs are and how they work, so I won’t go into much detail there.  For more information about VLANs and PVLANs, check out Cisco’s Securing Networks with Private VLANs and VLAN Access Control Lists.

Usage Scenarios

  1. DMZ security – Servers running in a DMZ can be isolated from one another. Should a DMZ guest be compromised, the guest is unable to communicate with any other guest in the the DMZ (given each are a part of an isolated PVLAN)
  2. Hosted cloud infrastructure – A customer environment (consisting of multiple guests) in a community PVLAN are able to communicate amongst themselves, but cannot communicate with a different community PVLAN
  3. Overcome standard VLAN limitations – While PVLANs exist with their own set of limitations, private VLANs greatly extend the functionality and usefulness of a standard VLAN

Configuration Overview

vlan 2410 int: (primary 2410, secondary 2411)
vlan 2412 int: (primary 2412, secondary 2413)
vlan 2411 – isolated
vlan 2413 – community
bperove-vm1: – dvPortGroup1 – primary 2410, secondary 2411
bperove-vm2: – dvPortGroup1 – primary 2410, secondary 2411
bperove-vm3: – dvPortGroup2 – primary 2412, secondary 2413
bperove-vm4: – dvPortGroup2 – primary 2412, secondary 2413
bperove-vm5: – dvPortGroup2 – primary 2412, secondary 2413
bperove-vm6: – dvPortGroup3 – primary 2412, secondary 2412

Configuration of VMware vDS (DVS)

CDP information for vmnic2

CDP information for vmnic3

dvSwitch Settings

dvPortGroup Settings

VLAN Configuration

vlan 2410
  private-vlan primary
  private-vlan association 2411
vlan 2411
  private-vlan isolated
vlan 2412
  private-vlan primary
  private-vlan association 2413
vlan 2413
  private-vlan community

Interface Configuration

interface Ethernet1/19
  description bperove - bs-tse-i127 - vmnic2
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2410-2411

interface Ethernet1/20
  description bperove - bs-tse-i127 - vmnic3
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2412-2413

Communication logic

vm1 can ping vlan 2410 int @, but cannot ping vm2
vm2 can ping vlan 2410 int @, but cannot ping vm1
vm3-5 can ping vlan 2412 int @, and can all ping each other
vm6 can ping vlan 2412 int @, vm3-5, and vm3-5 can ping vm6
vm1-2 cannot ping vm3-6


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