For more than six years, Benjamin has built and/or re-engineered server & network infrastructures for organizations located on the Front Range in Colorado. From the sports industry (Bolder Boulder), to commercial construction (The Deer Creek Corporation), from local government (Colorado Alternate Defense Council), to real estate (East West Partners, East West Urban Management, Glass House Denver), opticians (Wink Optical), casinos (Ameristar), law firms (MSFHC, Baldwin Morgan & Rider), and many others.

Where most technologists typically have a sales or marketing agenda, Ben’s continuing involvement with clients facing real problems brings a perspective they find more useful.

As a Linux enthusiast for over 15 years, he has grown to love and appreciate an ‘under the hood, get your hands dirty’ approach to IT management.

He lives happily in Boulder and has spent the vast majority of his career (lost, as some recall) somewhere in cyberspace.

Currently (since 10/09) he recovers, rebuilds, and optimizes networks for the government, academia, and the Fortune 500 at VMware, Inc.

As well, he manages IT for the Colorado Haiti Project on a volunteer basis.


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